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What Is The Use Of Butt Welded Pipe Concentric Reducer

We provide a full range of butt welded pipe concentric reducers, and meet the strict certification of today's piping system. Our butt welded pipe concentric reducer has high strength and corrosion resistance and can be used in various industries. Butt welded pipe concentric reducer is similar to a cone, and the pipe size can be changed to meet certain hydraulic flow requirements to make fluid or gas more concentrated. But if the same top or bottom level of the pipe is required, an eccentric butt-welded reducer needs to be used. The eccentric butt-welded reducer is a type of pipe fitting, used when the pipe on the upstream side of the pipe is larger than the pipe on the downstream side of the pipe. No matter what you need, Longrun can meet your needs, so choose us is the most suitable!
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