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What are the advantages of carbon steel pipe fittings

 What are the advantages of carbon steel pipe fittings? Carbon steel pipe fittings are a new type of seamless steel pipe connection pipe, also called clamp connection, which has many advantages. The design standard of automatic sprinkler and automatic fire extinguishing system clearly states that the connection of system pipelines should use pipe trench connectors or threaded mouths and loose flanges; pipelines with a diameter equal to or exceeding 100 mm in the system should Use flanges or pipe trench connectors to connect.
The interface mode of carbon steel pipe fittings has unique softness, which makes the pipeline have the ability to resist vibration, shrinkage and expansion. Compared with welding and loose flanges, the reliability of the pipeline system is improved and the temperature is more suitable. The change, thus protecting the various valves of the pipeline, also reduces the damage to the parts caused by the stress of the pipeline.

The application of connection technology of plastic-lined pipe fittings. Make the complex pipeline connection process simpler, more convenient and more convenient. The pipeline connection technology has taken a big step forward. The hot-bending elbow is a kind of galvanized steel pipe fitting elbow that adopts the pressing process. The manufacturing specifications of hot-bending elbows can be divided into national standards, electric standards, water standards, American standards, German standards, Japanese standards, Russian standards, etc. Hot-bending elbows are used in places where pipelines need to change directions, so they are widely used and mainly used in chemical plants, civil, construction, industrial production and other industries.
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