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butt welded 45° pipe elbow

Our butt welded 45° pipe elbow has a variety of options, which can meet almost any stainless steel pipe configuration. Our high quality 45 degree SS butt welding elbow meets ASME B16.9 manufacturing standards. The size of butt welded 45° pipe elbow is from DN15-DN1800. Seamless welding. The specifications are divided into 90Deg, 45Deg, and 180Deg. 1D 1.5D 2D 2.5D 3D and other manufacturing standards are ASME B16.9 16.11 16.28 MSS SP43 MSS SP97. EN10253-2 EN10253-4 GOST17375 GOST 17376 processing technology is pressing, pushing, butt welding and forging.
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