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The characteristics of the seamless tee

 Seamless tees are commonly used components in pipeline facilities. Compared with other pipe fittings, what are the characteristics of seamless tees? The following carbon steel pipe fittings manufacturers will come to the characteristics of the seamless tee in detail, let's understand it together.
Features 1: Good corrosion resistance, able to withstand various corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic media (except naphthalene solvent) in certain temperature and concentration ranges.
Feature 2, high temperature resistance, high chromium-nickel alloy lining can be applied under 600°C without deformation and oxidation, and maintain high wear resistance.
Feature 3, easy to install, the outer wall adopts seamless steel pipe series specifications, which greatly facilitates the design and installation of pipe fittings, and at the same time has good welding performance, and can be welded and flanged.
Feature four, good wear resistance. Feature five, large pressure, suitable for pipelines with high pressure, high concentration, and long-distance transportation.
According to the details of the carbon steel pipe fittings manufacturers above, it can be seen that the seamless tee has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient installation, large pressure bearing, and good wear resistance.
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