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stainless steel pipe cap

Stainless steel pipe cap English (Stainless steel caps) is also called the plug or the head. Use: welded on the pipe end or installed in the pipe end outer thread on the cover wall pipe. Used for sealing pipe, and the same plug.
The cap includes the design of convex cap, cone shell, reducer, flat cap and tightening export.
Convex cap includes a hemispherical cap, cap, cap and elliptical dished spherical cap. From the stress angle convex cap from the hemispherical cap is not good, but from look on the manufacturing difficulty, has good manufacturing.
Stainless steel: 304 304L 316 316L 3212520310, 317, and other materials.
Path: DN15-DN1200
Thickness: SCH5-SCH160
Usage: water, beverages, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, shipbuilding, chemical fertilizer, waterproof processing, pipeline etc.
Packing: wooden case, carton service: provide technical advice, installation guide etc.
R disc cap to avoid mosaic, will be thinned, high stress.
When splicing requirements only allows the weld direction is radial and circumferential. After the large cap may cancel this request. There should be a requirement for stitching distance, more than 3 Delta, and not less than 100mm (welding heat affected zone is a zone of high stress, and in the chemical composition of this region will be burning. So to avoid the high stress area, the area and the thickness of the. According to practical experience, the stress attenuation length is greater than 3 D, and not less than 100mm). But the refrigeration equipment is very difficult to meet this requirement, had its special characteristics.
The head forming splicing, splice welds shall be 100% radiographic or ultrasonic testing, qualified level along with the equipment shell go. Finally forming welding seam detection level, and the proportion of the same equipment shell, high waste.
For example: if the equipment shell is 20% inspection, qualified III. The bulkhead welds and finally qualified weld is III, welding coefficient is 0.85;
If the equipment shell is 100% qualified detection, II. The bulkhead welds and finally qualified weld is II, welding coefficient is 1
So although the bulkhead splicing detection qualified 100%, but not the same level, along with the equipment shell go.
But it should be noted that the process of:
The correct approach is: material (underlined) - small mosaic plate - molding - Nondestructive Testing
If not before forming detection is wrong, can not guarantee after molding also qualified. That is to say the nondestructive detection refers to the nondestructive testing of the final.
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