Reducer Pipe Fitting

Reducer Pipe Fitting
Pileline is constituted by Piping components support and ancillary facilities, usded for  transmission, distribution, mixing, separation and emissions, measuring, control or stop the flow of pipes, pipe fittings, flange, bolt connection, gaskets, valves and other components or the assembling of the parts of a pressure assembly.
Piping components used to connect to or assembly line element.It includes pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, gaskets, fasteners, valves and expansion joint, the flexible joint, pressure hose, hydrophobic, filter and separator, etc.
Pipeline classification:
industrial pipeline
Utility piping
Long-distance pipeline
If according to pressure:
-Low pressure: less then 2.5Mpa
-Midea pressure: 4~6.4Mpa
-High pressure: 10-100Mpa
-Hyperpressure: above 100Mpa
If according to temperture:
-Normal temperture
-Low temperture
-medium and low temperature
-high temperature
If accoring to class:
-operate pressure >6.4Mpa, operate temperture 450℃
-operate pressure 4~6.4Mpa, operate temperture 350~450℃
-operate pressure 1.6~4Mpa, operate temperture 200~350℃
-operate pressure ≤1.6Mpa, operate temperture 20~200℃

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