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High-quality butt-welding elbow

The butt welding elbow is one of the many types of elbows. It has the properties of a general elbow and also has its own unique properties. Below I will briefly introduce the butt welding elbow:
Butt welding elbow is a kind of elbow formed by steel hot pressing or forging technology. The connection method is to weld the elbow and steel pipe through butt welding, and use resistance heat to weld the two workpieces along the entire end face at the same time. There are two methods of welding elbows: resistance butt welding and flash butt welding. The productivity is high and it is easy to automate, so it has been widely used. Butt welding elbows are divided into carbon steel and alloy steel according to the different materials produced. and stainless steel butt welding elbows;
Butt welding elbow is a kind of resistance welding method that uses resistance heat to weld two workpieces along the entire end face at the same time. Butt welding has high productivity and is easy to automate, so it is widely used. Its application range can be summarized as follows:
(1) The extension of the workpiece.
(2) Butt welding of circular workpieces.
(3) Assembly welding of components, butt welding simple rolled, forged, stamped or machined parts into complex parts to reduce costs.
(4) Butt welding of dissimilar metals can save precious metals and improve product performance.
After the welding construction operation is completed, the large-diameter butt welding elbow needs to be treated according to the actual situation or the external environment of the pipeline for anti-rust or anti-corrosion treatment, so as to avoid the elbow from rusting or corroding at the weld seam, which will cause the service life of the elbow to be too short.
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