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Expansion joint of high quality supplier

HEBEI LONGRUN PIPELINE GROUP CO.,LTD has supplied high quality expansion joint to industry for more than ten years.Expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping applications to compensate for thermal pipe expansion or contraction,and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions,these products provide piping system flexibility under extreme operating conditions.
Expansion joint material can be stainless steel SS304 SS304L SS316 SS316L,The type can be flange type one and no flange type one,and all the types have support rods,and when use the expansion joint,we can loose the robs,and the expansion joint will compressed according to the pressure of the flow object.
Our expansion business is focused on providing engineering excellence,responsive and timely deliverables,and dedication to customer success and satisfaction.
Any needs about seamless steel tees,please feel free to contact with me.
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expansion joint
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