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As a Eccentric Pipe Fitting Manufacturer, share with you. Eccentric reducers reduce the pipe to the side. So, if you’re looking at the reducer head-on, you can see the smaller section is against one side of the larger side. Eccentric reducers are also known as offset straight reducers ; they connect one pipe to another smaller-diameter pipe and have the centers offset so your line can drain. Eccentric reducer pipe fitting is made with a slightly off-center outlet to the larger end. It allows it to attach to one of the inlet’s sides. This reduction systems are used where, on the upstream side of the fitting, the diameter of the pipe from which the flow originates is greater than on the downstream side. China Eccentric Pipe Fitting Factory and Exporters, the leading manufacturer and supplier of Eccentric Pipe Fitting, find more information about Eccentric Pipe Fitting products at Hebei Longrun pipeline Group company.
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