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carbon steel seamless elbows supplier in China

 It is a great honor to have the opportunity to share with you the relevant product knowledge of carbon steel seamless elbows produced by our company, such as the excellent performance of carbon steel seamless elbows, forming technology, production standards, product classification, etc. I hope that everyone will have a deeper understanding Carbon steel seamless elbows can certainly help.
After the quality inspection of steel pipes, strict technical selection is required. Alloy elbows made of manganese steel are usually used in pipelines with severe wear and tear, such as concrete conveying pipelines and mud conveying pipelines, because manganese steel has excellent performance in bearing impact, extrusion, and material wear.
This is only the calculation of the cost of some seamless elbows. For 2 times, 3 times or non-scale numbers, or the caliber exceeds 630, it is not so calculated. That is more money, and 720 elbows can also be pushed into shape. Yes, but if the quantity is small, it is too inappropriate to push and manufacture, because heating the core head, that is, the mold or the bar, costs thousands of dollars. If the quantity is large, the average The top of the head is fine, but not worth producing in small quantities.
  A circular ring shell can be cut into 4 90° elbows or 6 60° elbows or other specifications of elbows according to needs. This process is suitable for manufacturing any specifications with the ratio of the middle diameter of the elbow to the inner diameter of the elbow greater than 1.5 times. Large elbows, ideal for making large carbon steel elbows. Therefore, the product quality is stable and reliable, the production efficiency is high, and the labor intensity is low.
Compared with induction hardening and laser melting and quenching technology, laser beam is used to heat the surface of the substrate above the melting temperature, and the surface of the molten layer is rapidly cooled and condensed and crystallized due to the internal heat conduction and cooling of the substrate. the
What is the meaning of butt welding, and what is the scope of application of butt welding elbow?
Butt welding is widely used because of its high productivity and ease of automation. The carbon steel elbow connection pipe fittings include an arc elbow, which is characterized in that there is a branch straight through integrally connected on the arc elbow. Compared with the drawing method, the hot stamping method has the following advantages: the labor in the manufacturing process is the smallest; it can produce elbows with straight pipe sections and relatively thick pipe walls; the scrap rate is small (cracks, creases, etc.).
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