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Carbon steel elbows supplier

 Carbon steel elbows are metal pipe fittings that change the direction of the pipeline on carbon steel pipes.

Connection methods with carbon steel pipes: welding, flange connection, thread connection, socket connection, etc.

According to the process form, it can be divided into: welding elbow, stamping elbow, casting elbow, etc.

Purpose: To connect two pipes so that the pipes can be at right angles or 45°.

Manufacturing standards: National Standard, American Standard, Japanese Standard, German Standard, Russian Standard.

The basic process of the carbon steel elbow is: first weld a polygonal ring shell with a polygonal cross section or a polygonal fan-shaped shell with closed ends. After the inside is filled with pressure medium, internal pressure is applied. Under the action of internal pressure, the cross section From a polygon to a circle, it finally becomes a circular shell. According to needs, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90-degree elbows or six 60-degree elbows or other specifications of elbows. This process is suitable for manufacturing any specifications with a ratio of the middle diameter of the elbow to the inner diameter of the elbow greater than 1.5. Large elbows are currently the ideal method for manufacturing large carbon steel elbows.
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