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 Are you still anxious for sourcing all your material requirement from one place ? you will be feel luck to meet us. we could integrate all the resources for a big oil gas,petrochemical, power plant,Mechanical, Marine, Tanks & refinery project. materail list such as:Pipe, Fittings(pipe Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap) Flange, Valve, Gasket, Stud &Bolts.We offer comprehensive piping packages to different business segment.we are well equipped to meet the requirements of a complete pipe package for project.We could cooperate with you to submit a tender. prepare the technical documents, Data sheet, financial report, supply experience record. we also register the vendor in Aramco and Egypt Oil company. Welcome to send any inquiry and requirement about Pipe Fittings & Flange, Pipe Bends, Pipe & Valve.

Pipe  Fittings supplier
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