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90 Degree Steel Pipe Elbow China | LongRun

 Since 1998,We have developed one of the top supplier and manufacturer of Pipe Fittings(90 degree steel pipe Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap etc) and Flange,Pipe Bends for Oil and gas, Petrochemical and industry in china. We are proud to experience the nature of large supplier of Pipe Components for various industries throughout the past 20 years. Which have engineered us into a reliable supplier. For some national company from all of the world, CNOOC CNPC CPC ODGCL, to name some of our major customers.
90 degree steel pipe elbow
We could supply the vast variety of goods for the project package. We are also supported by passionate and well-skilled staffs to serve our customer. These combined qualities along with competitive pricing. We achieve a fast growth in our business. We will be with great pleasure to welcome all industry and engineer company to join us and expand the business with each other.
our company as a pipe lateral tee dimension supplier .if you need that pls contact us.
Hebei Longrun Pipeline Group CO., Ltd Site Map Tel: +86-311-66616206 E-mail: admin@lrpipefitting.com